A Peek Into Our Therapy Days

A Peek Into Our Therapy days - Lupie Homeschool Mama

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Last year we started therapy for my youngest son, Eli. Speech therapy, every Thursday, 10 am. We did this for a good few months. Then, his behavior became so out of hand I had to pull him out and take him to get thoroughly evaluated.


We finally got him an appointment at the autism center after much waiting. We did the evaluation, which was inconclusive and we go back in for another evaluation in February. His official diagnosis right now that we know of for sure is Anxiety: Generalized and Society, they suspect OCD as well, and Sensory Processing Disorder.


Following the evaluation, he started Occupational therapy. Which has been so amazing for him. He has improved so much. His therapist is incredible.

Therapy is once a week at 9:30 AM, but 20 minutes away one direction.

How do I homeschool two other kids with my doctor’s appointments and his? I bring school with us.

Here is a peak of what a typical therapy day looks for us, school wise.

The night before: I prep any materials that we will need to bring with us the next day. I also get the kid’s spiral notebooks ready for them. I put them in my “school to go” bag.

6:30 AM: I wake up, take meds, make coffee, and spend some must needed Jesus time.

Then, I make sure I have everything set for the big kids to do school sufficiently during the appointment.

7:45 AM: If kids are not up, I wake them at this point.

8:00 AM: Kids eat, get dressed and ready.

9:00 AM: I aim to be out the door at this point. Keyword: aim.

During the drive:

The drive there and back is my secret weapon, Y’all. We basically do a super condensed version of our morning time. We start with saying our prayers. Next, hymns we are working on. Then memory work I either have on audio on my phone or my oldest reads it out loud. Followed by of course the favorite, the car read aloud. Which is an audiobook. THANK YOU, Audible!

9:30 Appointment

Eli goes in and we get to work.

We usually bring Grammar, math drills, writing, independent reading and sometimes science.

Around 10:05-ish Eli is finished and we head out.

Depending on how I feel, we will either go home or go to the Library after therapy. I try to hit the library afterward at least once a month but aim for twice.

10:30-ish (on a normal go home day) We are home.

I give the kids a snack and they finish up any work that is still left.

Plus, I work on the absolute necessities for Eli that day. Therapy days I only make him do a light reading and math lesson because even though his session is short it does take a lot out of him. Many times we will play educational math and reading games to work on those on therapy days.

Next up is lunch.

After that, all goes back to our normal routine for the day.

So there it is. That is what a typical therapy day looks for us!

How about you? Any tips or tricks you have for a successful school day despite doctor appointments and therapies? I would love to hear them!

A Peek Into Our Therapy Days - Lupie Homeschool Mama
A Peek Into Our Therapy Days - Lupie Homeschool Mama
A Peek Into Our Therapy Days - Lupie Homeschool Mama
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